An important assembly matter

In case you wondered if an Assembly of this nature dealt exclusively in tedious theological issues, just now one pastor from Georgia just presented a resolution

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calling for both recognition and robust response to the dark march of sexual abuse against children–and not in faraway places but in our own churches.  In too many communions within the Church Universal sexual abuse has not only been perpetrated but allowed to persist.  This resolution seeks to sober us all to the prevalence of the fiendishness but the unfortunate instinct to protect the reputation of the shepherd or the church at the expense of the dignity and care of the victims.

The Assembly voted to receive the resolution and refer it to the Overtures committee for refinement.  Then it can be re-presented to the Assembly with clear, coherent, and concrete guidance for how our churches might both pre-empt such incidents from occurring and respond decisively should, God forbid, they do.

Author: Glenn Machlan

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