Aug 9, 2015 Refresh: What it means to be Faithfully Present — “we are all here in the presence of God”

Author: BHarris

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  1. I just finished listening to last Sunday’s sermon from Patrick and now I better understand some of the conversation from the Q & A session that followed. (I wasn’t in the 9:30 hour but was in the Q & A.) This is an amazing block of scripture and an amazing lesson that really demands so much more incorporation into my life.

    The reason that I’m commenting is that there was a question early on in the Q & A that referenced the many weeks of teaching from a couple of years ago on the topic of being faithfully present. I understood the question be essentially asking if Patrick’s view/perspective/sense of being faithfully present had changed/matured over those two years.

    It was a fair question but even during Patrick’s answer I realized that the better question, and the better question should have been directed to me, “Mark, how have you incorporated the teaching from two years ago in real and measurable ways into your life?”

    Sunday morning church attendance consists of many things for all of us, however, I hope that I will be intentional about incorporating the presented scriptural truths into the way I live my life. For me to simply collect ‘Bible knowledge’ for my own mental library seems like a poor investment of my time and energy.

    So in answer to my self-inflicted question above, yes, there where some changes in my life from Patrick’s teaching two years ago on being faithfully present. Unfortunately they were a bit on the miniscule side and so I am very appreciative that we have the opportunity to be challenged for change again. Thank you, Patrick.

    And thank you, too, Bob and team for making delayed/repeated listening an option.

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