August 7, 2016 Rev. Patrick Lafferty “Reimagining Our Desperation” Matthew 6:9-15

Author: BHarris

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  1. The Daily News’ headline reading “God isn’t fixing this” regarding one of our many political debates in yesterday’s worship guide served as a strong contrast for me as we studied through the sermon text in Matthew 6. I’m thinking that God isn’t so interested in ‘fixing that’ because he is much more interested in fixing me. Or more specifically, per the text, us.

    We follow our Lord’s model of prayer, it seems, as a community. He is “our Father.” Our petition for bread is “give us.” Our request for relief is “forgive us.” (And “we” give relief to those indebted to us.) We ask to “lead us not” into temptation and to “deliver us” from the evil one.

    Our culture spurs us towards individualism through its steady drumbeat. Our holy scriptures point us in a different direction. Sometimes I’m listening/acting to the wrong drum.

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