Cal’s Trip to the Amazon–a logbook

Amazon Jungle in Brazil

Amazon Jungle in Brazil

Faithful presence to the world takes manifold forms. Here’s one.

A few weeks back, Dr Cal shared briefly with us about his dental mercy trip to the Amazon Jungle last month.

Well now you can read his entire log book from the mission trip if you click here.

He takes a team every year.  So if you might be interested in going, let this record be an introduction to what you might experience.


Author: Glenn Machlan

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  1. Thank the Lord for people like you and your team who are willing to go and show mercy and kindness to people who have almost no access to medical help. I think I would have been crying the whole time observing all of the sickness and pain. I pray the Lord healed baby Leandro (and that Donna has recuperated). May the Lord bless you and your team for the sacrifices you made to make this trip. It was incredibly interesting to read about, but I can’t say that your journal encouraged me to go next year (not that I have the skills to help anyway) but I’m way too big a chicken regarding snakes–and tarantulas–and piranha–and mosquitoes–and who-knows-what-else that’s lurking in the jungle.)

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