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David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace

I’m interested in religion, only because certain churches seem to be a place where things can be talked about. What does your life mean? Do you believe in something bigger than you? Is there something harmful about gratifying every single desire you have that is harmful?… One place where I discovered stuff was being talked about was AA meetings. I’m not in [Alcoholics Anonymous], but I went to open meetings.. There’s a certain amount of goo, and there’s a certain amount of serious [stuff]. Like the fact that it takes enormous courage to appear weak. Hadn’t heard that anywhere else. I was just starting to entertain the fact that that might be true.

–David Foster Wallace


Faith is, and always has been, a community project.  As Cyprian of Carthage argued, those who name God as their Father, must necessarily consider the Church their Mother.  For just as families are the context (and the crucible) in which the young are matured, so the community of faith has as one of its prime callings the maturing of saints who are sinners.

Think how ironic that is. The cohort tasked with nurturing maturity in all its members is the very constituency in need of its own maturing.  For that reason one should not be too surprised to find within her ranks idolatry of various sorts.

But given that anyone who aligns himself with the church suffers from the same sobering condition, it should only provide consolation that he is in good company. As David Foster Wallace’s observation above attests, fellow strugglers form a potent province for finding a way out of their respective cesspools.

Maybe that’s putting it a bit over-the-top.  But any who find in Jesus the answer to their deepest fears and instinctual folly will come to learn (if they haven’t already) that what God means to do in and through us goes deeper than we might at first prefer.  Therefore His work in us requires something more than individual effort; it requires a community.  As just one aspect of our effort to see maturity work its way into each of us, we’ve sought to form Community Groups (CGs).

Ctk CG logo smallWe’ve written quite a bit CG’s elsewhere on this site–why we’re forming them, and what you can expect from them–but you can see here our freshly-minted list of groups convening in mid-September. Questions about the studies, the materials, the shape of the group? Want to register? Contact the facilitator(s) at the links provided. Visit a group. See why we believe this is crucial.

CtK CGs Winter/Spring 2017

Group TypeFacilitator(s)Day/TimeLocationContact(s)/Notes
a Precept Ministries study of 1 Peter PUP_Cover_1Peter.inddwomen'sCarla EllisonTuesdays, 7-8:30p, resuming 1.24the home of Barbara Byron - 7415 Flameleaf Pl, Dallasemail Carla, or call (817-548-4279). Materials are $28.
A Kathleen Nielson study of Isaiahisaiahstudywomen'sKarla Pollock & Debby Comer (morning)

Karla Pollock & Cathy McAndrew (evening)
Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8:30pthe home of Cathy McAndrew,
1215 Rita Ln., Duncanville
email Karla and Cathy
a Redeemer study of Living in a Pluralistic Society [Group is now full for the fall]Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.51.17 AMmixedMargaret Doria, Hugh Comer, Mark & Rachel Kull, Jonathan & Liesl RaikesThursdays, 7-8:30protating locations in N. Oak Cliffemail Margaret [Group is presently full but may have room in the new year]
TBD (but a study of a particular book of the bible)mixedBill & Robin HarrisMondays, 7-8:30pthe home of Bill & Robin Harris 1369 Green Hills CtEmail Bill Harris
A study of Paul's letter to the Galatiansmen'sPatrick Lafferty & Kevin GladdingWednesdays, 7-8:30p
Resuming January 18th.
the home of Mark Rustine - 627 Little Creek Dr, Duncanvilleemail Patrick & Kevin