CtK is a Reformed Church

There are many ideas and preconceptions people have when they hear that word. We define it in two ways: First, it is a reference to our historical link to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century and intends to describe us as the heirs of that tradition which comes from Luther, Calvin, Knox and other reformers. And second, the word “reformed” is used more specifically to refer to certain theological distinctives, which have marked reformation believers, particularly those in the Calvinist tradition.

These distinctives can be summarized by our glad affirmation of the responsibility of every person to repent and believe, and that it is God who, by His sovereign electing grace, draws men and women, otherwise dead in sin, to faith in Jesus, His Son. By this faith alone are God’s people justified.

Reformed distinctives include the sovereignty of God in His creation, providence and election of believers apart from any merit of their own; the irresistible grace of God provided for and preceding the faith of the individual; the sufficiency of God’s grace apart from which man is dead in sin and wholly defiled in all his faculties of soul and body; the efficacy of Christ’s death for all those who believe in Him by grace; and God’s safe-guarding for eternal life all those for whom Christ died.

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Author: Glenn Machlan

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