Let us retire to the park

The mercury hasn’t quite yet begun to trend downward, but we’re still headed to Armstrong Park this Sunday, Sept 8th, to picnic under the portico, just a few clicks south on Main Street.  picnic090813

We’ll caravan down following the conclusion of Q&A.  We’ll stake our claim to the pavilion we’ve reserved, eat in the shade, and then do whatever outdoor thing you like to do: lawn darts, cricket, frisbee, polo (though that may be a code violation).  Let the record also show that Armstrong Park holds the distinction of having what may be the most elaborate playground south of the Trinity.

So that we don’t all end up bringing baked beans Sheri McMillan has devised a little strategy.

*last names A-K   bring two vegetables, fruits or salads for 8-10 people

*last names L-Z   bring a main dish for 8-10 people (chicken, sandwiches cut in qtrs, etc.)

*singles               bring dessert plus bread or drinks (2 liter soda, gallon water or tea)

*And please bring a serving utensil (if needed) for your dish with your name on it

Come along this Sunday!



Author: Glenn Machlan

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