Looking for a few good places

Hear ye, hear ye.  CtK is in search of a new venue to meet–perhaps not a permanent spot, but one which will allow us to grow, and not be so much at the mercy of forces beyond our control!

As we announced last Sunday, a search committee has been formed which will meet for the first time early this week.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 4.49.32 PM

The committee will then fan out to places in the target area displayed (roughly) at right, compile their findings, and report back to the Session.

The committee has already begun assembling a list of potential spots, but would also appreciate hearing of places you think might be able to accommodate us.  Think in terms of the following:

  • located roughly within the search area
  • able to provide rooms for worship, nursery, and sunday school
  • ideally, a location reserved for our entire use
  • adequate and accessible parking

The committee will consider additional criteria in its selection process, but if you know of places that would at least satisfy the above, please forward them to Bill Harris, clerk of the committee.

The committee welcomes any and all input you might have for its search, but it has been asked by the Session to share its progress with the Session only.  Rest assured, though, regular updates will be forthcoming.

Pray first. Then forward us your ideas.


(Oh, and click on the picture of the worshippers above to be taken to a short article on a new movement for young churches to find old buildings.  Its relevance may not be for our immediate future, but it is an interesting read.)

Author: Glenn Machlan

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