New Season begins: new location at a “new” time


Good morning everyone,

On behalf of the elders I’m very glad to announce that CtK has signed an agreement with Fairmeadows Baptist Church to begin worshipping in their facility for this next season of our community’s life together.

Having heard and investigated your questions about location, environmental quality, security, and the feasibility of sharing space with another community, we ironed out an agreement with FBC that we believe can be of mutual benefit to both congregations.  (As for the concerns raised about the environmental quality of FBC, we did a sight analysis of all the rooms we’d be using and the outside of the building to look for any obvious hazards. No significant issues were discovered. Furthermore we performed dust testing, air quality testing, and moisture testing of the rooms we’d use to look for any pervasive presence of hazardous molds.  The results from that full complement of tests have led us to believe there are no significant air quality issues.)

In addition to having more adequate worship space to accommodate our growing congregation, we’ll now have a warm and welcoming nursery for the littlest among us, classroom space for our school aged kids, a fully functioning fellowship hall for conversation, education, and eating, and access to the building for other events like prayer meetings, youth meetings, and business meetings.  A building does not a church make, but we believe this facility enhances our ability to put a theology of “faithful presence” into practice.

For these reasons, the session has decided to commence our new season together at FBC this Sunday, September 15th.  It furthermore decided to shift our start time for worship back to 9:30am, the original time slot in which CtK had been worshipping, and which had been amended only to accommodate the sound issues we faced while at the Hilton.  Additionally, though we had contracted with the Hilton for the entirety of September we are humbly requesting the hotel to donate the monies for the rest of the month to another congregation who might need the space which our departure now makes available.

As for the logistics this Sunday, please plan to arrive by 9:15 for the beginning of worship at 9:30.  Then when we conclude our service around 10:45, please make your way into fellowship hall immediately thereafter.  We’ll announce the 2nd hour plans for our school aged children that morning.  Be sure also to express your gratitude to any of FBC’s membership you see for their willingness to let us share their facility.  It is our expectation to have joint gatherings with their community as the opportunities arise.

Let me conclude with some of our own gratitude.

Thank you for your input into our consideration of this relocation.

Thank you for your patience as we attended to our due diligence for investigating this option

Thank you for your prayers for wisdom and faith

Thank you for “holding all things loosely”

Thank you in advance for your grace and patience as we accommodate ourselves to a new setting

And now if you would thank God for the provision of this space for this moment in CtK’s life together.  We don’t know how long we’ll be here, but we pray God would make us more into the image of His Son in the time we are here.

With great expectation,




p.s. We will reiterate this announcement in this week’s Pastoral Backstory but do help us spread the word to member and recent visitor alike.

Author: Glenn Machlan

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