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(What is this and why?)

October 3rd,  2013

In this life some questions defy resolution.

lee harvery oswald shot

Did Oswald act alone?

Has Roswell always been home only to the terrestrial?

Will people ever believe that a tomato is a fruit?

And does the Holy Spirit of God continue to bestow the sorts of miraculous gifts recorded in the New Testament?

Though the last question endures, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue looking for clarity.

Doug Wilson and Mark Driscoll, two men whose words could sometimes be dialed back a bit, provide a friendly discourse on that issue in the 26 minute conversation below.

Regardless of where your convictions lie, hearing the opposing perspective can only benefit; it may even sharpen your convictions.  Those who see a continuity of the Spirit’s activity could stand to treat all pronouncements of His work with discernment (cf. 1 Jn 4:11).  While those who aver that the gifts had only a purposeful season might ask themselves if they’ve unwittingly reduced the Spirit to less than He is, it only so they can uphold their preference for the predictable.

Fundamentally, the question of whether the Spirit is up to something is this: what does the purported movement of the third person of the Trinity engender in those through whom or to whom He works?  Has it created a spectacle or has it inspired humility?  When it is claimed He has straightened a scoliotic bone has there been evidence also of heart out of joint now reset?  We all do well not to quench the Spirit, either by having little expectation of His work or by distorting His interests into something other than the redemption of a heart toward God.

Last Sunday we said that there can be no real faithful presence to God apart from the power of the Holy Spirit.  He it is who confirms to us the truth and beauty of Jesus and then continually whispers into the recesses of our hearts that we belong to God.

This Sunday we shift into a discussion about what it means to be faithfully present to one another, which as you’d expect depends as much on the Spirit’s aid and attendance.  For while faithful presence to God and to one another are two things, as we’ll see they are really one.

To introduce faithful presence to one another, we’ll continue in Jesus’ lengthy monologue, this time picking up where we left off: John 15:1-17.

I think we’ll find:

A summary of it

The significance to it

The sustenance for it


Our call continues for you to keep your membership vow–the vow to assist our parents in the spiritual nurture of their children.  Some of you (male and female, younger and older alike) have already stepped forward to volunteer your time for our students during 2nd hour–either as a teacher or as an assistant–but we need more of you.

Those with particular aptitudes in children’s and youth ministry will always be a welcome help to the nurturing of our youngest.  But it will be the involvement of a larger segment of our whole community that will ensure we don’t let our kids get sequestered away from the full range of experiences, temperaments, and stories in which our Body consists.  Here’s seven minutes of wisdom on why we need the whole church for the whole of our children. (Parents, pay particular attention, and then sign up to help!)

We’d like to have enough people participate that volunteers might need to serve only once every other month or so (unless you want to serve more often!)  Curriculum and direction will be provided, but your creativity and innovation in conveying the basic truths of our faith to our children will be welcomed.  So whether your affinity is for teaching or caring, we want to hear from you.




  • don’t forget to bring your extra change for our First Sunday Lunch this week;
  • give thanks that Tom Headland’s pedestrian “encounter” with a passing car resulted only in a sprained ankle (he has a story to tell when he gets back on his feet).

And then will you pray:

  • for our time of interview and Q&A with our elder candidates, Jim Akovenko and Hugh Comer, October 13th and 20th during 2nd hour (and for their upcoming exams October 19th)
  • for Don and Helen Johnson in his ongoing battle with ALS
  • and for wisdom for our present and future session as to how faithful presence might come to reality among us

See you Sunday (and would love to see you on time at 9:30!),




Author: Patrick

Pastor of Christ the King Church (PCA)

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