Set aside the club mentality; it was He who paid the dues.

_MG_1959As I tell anyone who visits our church, though the folly and failures of institutions like the church lead many to give up on it, it’s the contention of the bible that not even God has given up on the church.  For that reason we persist in trying to become a community that, despite its many flaws, seeks to honor the call God has laid upon the church.

That’s also why we want to honor the nature of this institution whom God “obtained with His own blood” (Acts 20:28) by apprising everyone who considers membership of the privilege and priorities therein.

So we’ll be holding our next membership class March 8-9 (Friday evening–Saturday Morning) for anyone interested in becoming a member, or who might just be curious about what that entails.  Attending the class doesn’t oblige you to join, but our Session deems participation in the class as a necessary step to membership.

The weekend will be an opportunity to hear from your leadership, to discuss what membership is, and to spend time with others considering membership.  We promise it will be informative and honest as we talk about the broad contours of our faith, the substance of the vows you take as a member, and the basic vision we have for CtK.

This won’t be the last time we hold a membership class, so if you can’t make our March gathering, there will be other opportunities.

Details will follow about location and availability of childcare.  For now simply email Doug Pollock, clerk of the Session, to express your interest in attending, or to ask for more information.

The Body of Christ is arguably the most significant community to which you will ever be attached.  We pray we might make that notion clear and lay before you a vision of what membership is.  The church is no mere club, for it asks of you more than any other community. And yet it was He who paid the dues.  We hope you’ll join us.

Author: Glenn Machlan

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